Pairing Instructions

1. Turn on ignition to the vehicle. The first time you do so, the Out of Sight Audio device enters pairing mode automatically  and tries to pair with your phone or Mp3 player. (Auto pairing)

2. Hold the phone within 3 feet of the Out of Sight Audio device.

3. Turn off and then back on the Bluetooth function on the phone. For instructions see phone user guide.

4. Wait for Out of Sight Audio to show up in the paired device list.

5. Press on Out of Sight Audio and wait 5 seconds. The audio device should now be connected.

6. Turn down the volume to the second lowest bar on the phone and start streaming audio to the Out of Sight Audio device.


-If auto pairing is not supported by your phone, or is not successful, follow the first two steps above and turn on the speaker. Then add the speaker to your phone as described by your phone's user guide.

-Only one phone can be paired to the device at any time. Some phones will auto pair when in proximity of the device if previous pairing has been achieved. They must either be unpaired with the device or simply shut off the Bluetooth signal all together so a new device can be paired.

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