"I am detailing my Mercedes Gullwing right now at Pebble Beach with four other guys and we are listening to tunes on your Out of Sight Audio Mark I off my phone. Awesome!"

 -John P.

15th Green at Pebble Beach
15th Green at Pebble Beach

​"I ran into Matt at the RM Auctions America car Auction at Auburn Indiana and saw the wireless Mark I, II & III setups.   At the time I was looking for a hidden audio system for a 1948 6 volt Willys Jeepster and gave a Mark I a try. It was perfect for the application and allowed me to stream and control directly from my iPhone. I have since picked up a 1962 24 volt Dodge Power Wagon truck and purchased another Mark series unit for this application. By being hidden it allows me to keep the original look while I have modern tunes in the truck. Along the way I have had a couple of questions and Matt has always been quick to answer and support the products. I highly recommend the Mark systems. Keep up the good work!"

 -John S 


"I installed a Mark I in a positive ground 6 volt system on an original survivor '55 Thunderbird. The car came from the factory with no radio, so when the Mark I was activated it was the first time in 59 years sound had emanated from the dashboard speaker. Although the installation instructions were clear and easy to understand I called the home office with a elementary question just to be on the safe side. My call was returned promptly and dispatched with efficiency and courtesy, as well as the initial order (ordered on Friday and it was in my hands the following Monday!). This is a amazing product and a fine value. No hacking or other unpleasant modifications necessary - its diminutive size means it can be tucked away easily and its  audio fidelity is only limited by the quality of the speaker(s) its connected to.  This install was for a friends car - but I have two '59's (a V.W. and a Thunderbird) that are next on the list."



Really great product! Came earlier than I expected. Just installed the unit and it sounds awesome.

Thanks - Steven S


My compliments to you and your Out of Sight audio concept. It works just as described. I am extremely satisfied with the ease of use, clean installation and end result. I have shown your OOSA to some friends and local car enthusiast in the area and they have been really impressed. If you ever need to demo your product in the Miami Florida area, please fell free to contact me. I am always in local car meets and shows.  I also would like to express my gratitude for your time and effort in supporting and helping me out with the technical support I required. I am really not used to vendors going out of there way to help a customer.

Thanks - Carlos M

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